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Thread: New moderator on the forum! :)

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    Wait what?? I did not deactivate my shop!?!
    I see it active now, and there's only my designs now... so everything is back to normal.

    I hope you see my shop as active too! As I have not touched it. (Maybe you guys did?)

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    Dear Sara is there a chat or a way to communicate via private messages instead of overloading this space?

    I have some new issues now:
    1) my shop is again not updating like it should
    2) I have an "empty box" showing instead of a design in my shop. Usually I see a box icon when spreadshirt does not have a certain product anymore... but if I go through my products I don't see any boxes... so why do I see it through my designs?

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    Hi there,

    Unfortunately, not really. One way to report bugs is via our website:

    In order to help you out here, could you please elaborate how your shop is not updating?

    Regarding the box, have you recently deleted designs or products from your shop?

    Please note that this forum will close tomorrow and all discussion will have to move to the new forum, as mentioned in the Forum Announcement: Spreadshirt Forum 2.0 Annoucement

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