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Thread: Get Free Shipping For Your Customers| Apply Now!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lena View Post
    Hi dlangpap,

    Too bad you feel this way. We always try our best but of course you are free to do whatever you want and if you want to take care of the whole process yourself then we can't stop you :-)
    No need to be defensive here, but given that SS has been making it increasingly difficult to prosper using their platform, we feel forced to look for alternatives. Believe me, no one wants to do the whole process, most of all if their specialty is design, but we are businessmen and entrepreneurs too that need to make a profit so if this becomes harder and harder not only with SS but with many other PODs, then we just have to look someplace else, even if that entails a lot more work and hassle. So the question remains, alternatives anyone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MyAnimeSamurai View Post
    Why should a potential client pay 30 buck for a t-Shirt when he can buy a similar one from a Chinese site for 10 bucks, shipping included?
    A 'similar' design? Currently, they can offer YOUR EXACT SAME designs, because Spreadshirt lets them obtain high-res preview images of all your designs that they can simply upscale and illegally re-sell to directly compete against you using your own designs!

    Quote Originally Posted by MyAnimeSamurai View Post
    Yes we have unique design in Spreadshirt ...
    You only have a unique design until some pirate chooses to pull a high-res preview image from Spreadshirt, upscale it, and sell it himself.

    Resolution limitation is the answer. They've promised it. I'm patiently waiting... but I do understand the delay given the enormous other changes they've been making lately. Still though, it's of critical importance.

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    Thank you for this awesome opportunity!
    When I click the link to apply; however, the page shows up blank. Please help!

    Cristy Joy

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    You've posted really useful link here, thank you!

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    I have created my store today. Wish it's lucky!

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